eCharge: Integrating Cryptocurrencies with Electric Vehicles has a successful ongoing token pre-sale, to be followed soon by the main ICO.  With the token sale campaign, the company is working on a blockchain-based platform for easy and economical recharging of electric cars and other battery enabled vehicles. The platform intends to spread its network across the world by installing eCharge stations at offices, hotels, parking lots and other public-centered locations.

The Background

The automobile industry is going to be electric in near future as the cost of electric vehicles continues to decline steadily. Due to the fact that e-vehicles are cheaper to drive per kilometer than gas cars, an increasing number of consumers are shifting to electric vehicles. However, the lack of charging infrastructure for these e-vehicles is still an unsolved problem. As the technology has just become economical for an average consumer, there is a need for a robust network of charging stations for long-distance drivers. is all set to exploit this opportunity; the growing demand for robust charging infrastructure.

How eCharge solves the problem

eCharge, a German company, aims to develop a physical infrastructure for the e-vehicles to recharge, all across Europe. Such infrastructure encourages fast and widespread adoption of the e-vehicles. If implemented properly, it may also make electric grids worldwide more reliable and secure.

How Does It Work?

Usually, the e-vehicles owners charge their vehicles at home. Battery life is now prolonged, resulting in the range of these vehicles being extended to as much as 500 KM on a single charge. It implies that only long journeys need the public charging infrastructure.

With this view, eCharge considers hotels to be the most feasible spots for placing charging stations. Travelers can find hotels in most of the towns and along the highways, making it easier for the e-vehicles to get charged whenever needed. Above all, hotel guests will be able to charge their vehicles overnight.

The company provides incentives to partnering hotels since it installs the charging stations without any cost. This brings hotels an opportunity to add value to their services for their guests without facing any upfront investment cost. With the growing demand for e-vehicles, the charging stations will get a “necessity” status in the hotels, just like Wi-Fi has evolved from being a luxury to a must-have service.

The Mobile App

Apart from the already active charging stations, eCharge has also created a functioning mobile app that electric vehicle owners can download. The app shows the charging locations and lets users avail special deals offered at the hotels with charging stations.

eCharge Tokens (ECH Tokens)

The eCharge network’s native utility token is the ECH token. For charging their vehicles, drivers can use credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrencies to buy ECH utility tokens. The ECH tokens can be used to pay for the electricity and other features.

The Main ICO

The token pre-sale of eCharge is live at the moment, offering 15% bonus for the early token buyers. The main ICO is going to start soon where the investors will participate in the hardware-based project, and not a purely blockchain-based ICO project. The main ICO will offer ECH tokens at a discounted rate to encourage investment for developing the platform faster. ECH tokens will also lead to the expansion of eCharge network by letting users send or gift tokens to their referrals, via ERC20 token wallet integrated into eCharge mobile app. ECH tokens, once spent, are burned by the smart contract to avoid its re-usage. This implies that ECH tokens supply is deflationary, resulting in increased value with time as the adoption and demand for e-vehicles continue to rise.

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