Crypto News, Market & Coin Updates - 13 Entries

Crypto News, Market & Coin Updates  13 Entries

Entries — A site showing how much it would cost to run a 51% PoW attack for 1 hour. — A list of current and planned coin and token airdrops including descriptions about how to participate.

Coingecko Cryptocurrency Categories — offers an overview of coins and tokens for specific use cases, industries, layer 1 blockchains, etc. — Gives you an overview of important events in the crypto space, such as coin listings, beta tests, crypto conferences, website updates, and more.

Coinmarketcap ICO Calendar — Get a list of upcoming ICOs including detailed information about each new crypto project on

Crypto Social Stats — The Block features some interesting charts that show social stats for different blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and crypto influencers on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. — A crypto news aggregator site that lists news from various sources in real time. Great to get an overview of what is happening.

Crypto Proposal Tracker — tracks proposal processes for crypto projects from preliminary discussions until the completed voting. The platform also offers a lot of other free crypto resources and lists.

Defipulse — Huge list for DeFi platforms which you can sort by type. Also offers stats about each individual platform.

Ethereum Projects Carbon Consumption — A website that lists information on the carbon emissions caused by active Ethereum projects. — This site collects and analyses social media network data to measure market activity and user sentiment. Also lets you track the influencers who are mostly engaged with a coin or token.