Crypto Stats & Analysis — 17 Entries

Bitcoin Visuals — A site dedicated to visualizing every imaginable kind of Bitcoin data there is.

Crypto Correlation — Handy website that shows the correlation between the top 250 cryptocurrencies and tokens. It’s a great tool to see which coins’ movement closely matches that of others.

Cryptocurrency Investment Fund Graphs & Charts — The website offers a collection of free graphs and charts that visualize the state of the global crypto investment fund industry.

Cryptocurrency Stats Pie Charts — features important stats of major cryptocurrencies visualized as pie charts.

Crypto Treemap Charts —On you can check out a neat treemap chart of cryptocurrencies and tokens. What’s also cool is that you can go deeper and visualize specific parts of the crypto ecosystem (for example, it allows you to just show Ethereum tokens)

DappRadar — Another site specialized on aggregating data on blockchain DApps. Browse through protocols via different categories and sort them by specific datapoints.

DApp Review — This website collects data on the protocols running on layer 1 blockchains such as ETH, NEO, BSC, and TRON. Here you can see stats such as numbers of users per DApp, deployed smart contracts, and more. — This website allows users to extract almost any information that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and create hundreds of project dashboards in the Ethereum ecosystem.

ETH Gasstation — A website sharing stats about gas usage and costs on the Ethereum blockchains and underlying protocols. — Lets you find out the Ethereum blockchain’s current TPS (transactions per second). Includes data of different networks.

Github Activity Check — What’s the development status of your favorite coin? With CryptoMiso you can easily check the Github activity of more than 300 individual cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Investigate & Monitor Crypto Addresses — offers tools to analyse individual addresses for Bitcoin, Polygon, Ethereum, and any ERC-20 token. Great for visualizing transaction flows.

Look Into Bitcoin — Amazing website offering 30+ free charts for analyzing Bitcoin. On-chain indicators, address balances, market cycle data — they have everything.